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Passion Meets Purpose #20: Put Your Kind Lips On with Josh Neumann

His name is Josh Neumann. He went from being in real estate to the founder of Kind Lips. They have an incredible mission donating 20% of their profits to anti-bullying organizations and you will hear how Josh got the inspiration for this company. Speaking kindly to one another and the power of our words are themes throughout this conversation. Plus, if you want to check out Kind Lips just use promo code SPIRIT1053 at checkout for 10% discount!

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Josh Neumann: I’m on a mission and I’m doing what God called me to do. And because of that, like I’m driving down the road and he’s got these bumpers on the side. Cause there’s just so much grace in like peace, knowing that like, all right, I’m doing my best every day. And I know that I’m going to make mistakes, but he’s going to be able to keep me inside that lane. And so, I haven’t made any mistakes so far that have been big enough that I can’t recover.

Sarah Taylor: His name is Josh Neumann. And I am so excited for him to share his story with you, of how he went from being in real estate to the founder of Kind Lips, which is a lip balm that I found by chance a couple of years ago.

I think I mentioned it in our interview. I found it because our youngest daughter, has celiac. And so, I needed a lip balm that was gluten-free. But then I found out about their mission that they donate 20% of all profits to anti-bullying organizations. You’re going to get to hear a little bit more about how Josh got the inspiration for this company.

We’re going to talk a lot about the importance of speaking kindly to one another and the power of our words. And Josh even has a special promo code for you. I’ll give it to you now, just in case you want it. If you want to try kind lips products, which I highly recommend, I bought them for everybody in my family this year. SPIRIT1053 is the promo code that you use at checkout at SPIRIT1053. Don’t put the point. Just SPIRIT1053. Okay, onto our conversation with Josh Neumann.

I actually want to take you back to when you were on the couch contemplating what the next step in your journey might be. You want to tell me how you were feeling in that moment? Some of the thoughts that were going through your mind.

Josh Neumann: Yeah. I knew that, you know, I’d been in the same career for 10 years at that point and I really felt for about the first nine of those years, I knew that that was my mission. And I was in real estate and my car was kind of my church and I would get clients in my car and they would be in my car for two to four hours at a time and I’d really get to know them. And I really felt that’s where God had me.

And, you know, so knowing that that was my calling, it was really strange to me that that had shifted. And so that’s where I ended up on the couches. I really realized that, like this isn’t where I’m supposed to be any more. And that was the first time I’d really had that experience in my life of feeling called to be in the area or at a job.

And then having that kind of get the rug pulled out from underneath me feeling. And so, sitting on that couch and I was just like, all right, God, like, where am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to be doing? Why isn’t, why am I not getting these same feelings of gratification and enjoyment from showing up and doing this job?

Sarah Taylor: And why don’t you tell our audience what was in your hand as you were contemplating and asking those big questions?

Josh Neumann: Yeah, so in my hand as I was asking these questions, I looked down and I had to the lip balm in my hand and I was twirling it. And the first thought I had was, I always like lip balm, it can’t be rocket science to start a lip balm company.

And then the next thought I had was that’s crazy. Why would I start a lip balm company? And yeah, so it was like, and that’s when all the, you know, the thoughts really started rolling in after that. And I had a week prior to that, to the day I was went down a YouTube rabbit hole, and I saw this YouTube about this Japanese scientist, Dr. Emoto. He had done this experience where he took these three glass jars and he labeled each jar; love, the second one he labeled it hate, the third one he didn’t put a label on it. And he took a scoop of rice and a scoop of water and put them in each jar and covered them up. And he had time-lapses video.

And for 30 days he would walk up each day to the jar of rice; first one he’d say I love you. the second one he’d say, I hate you. And the third one, he wouldn’t say anything to it. And so, at the end of the 30 days, he looked at this jar and it, the rice that he said, I love you too, the rice was white and was really healthy looking the other jar that you said, I hate you too

and turn moldy. And then the third jar, he didn’t say anything to it kind of brown and not healthy looking. And I was like, that’s super interesting, you know, was this real, was this fake type deal. And so I had, you know, looked more into that and other people had performed that similar experiment and had similar results, not a hundred percent of the time, but a majority of the time.

And then the same scientists had done a water study where you take a droplet of water and pray over it, speak kind words to it. And he would freeze it and look at it under a microscope and it looked like a snowflake. Or he would say negative things to water and look at it and it would look blobish and distorted.

And so, you know, as I’m thinking about, I’m sitting in my couch, I’m thinking about starting a lip balm company, I went back, and I remembered that study. And like, obviously, like, you know, we speak words and how much power does do our words have. And, you know, especially in, I, and I’ve always grown up believing in prayer, a strong faith background.

And I was like, okay, I’m going to start a lip balm company that is geared towards, like, people of faith and more of the spiritual side. And I’m going to pray over this lip balm and speak positivity into it. And then that’s what I’m going to sell it to and market it towards like kind of the faith-based side.

And I was going to call it blessed lips, and I was like, this is the best idea. You know, I’m going to start this bless lips company. And funny enough. My mom called me shortly after that, and my mom and I are really close and she you know, a big part of why my faith is so strong. And, and so, but she called me to talk about some family stuff.

And at the end, I told her about my idea of starting bless lips, thinking that it was just gonna, you know, blow her mind and she was going to be so proud of me. And literally that conversation ended in about five seconds. She’s like, oh, you’re going to be great at whatever you do. And I got off the phone and I was like, man, I was, I thought it was a really good idea and she’s missing the boat on this and what’s wrong with my mom.

And so, I go about my night and go to sleep. And the next morning I wake up right at 6:00 AM, cause my phone was ringing and I looked and picked it up and it was my mom again. And, and I’m like, what’s wrong? Great. And so, I answered the phone. I’m like, is everything okay? And she’s like, yes, everything’s okay but I had the most vivid dream I’ve ever had in my life. And if you knew my mom, she has a lot of dreams. So, her describing it that way, I was pretty nervous. And she’s like, I had a dream that you were young, about five years old (I have an older sister), and she’s like you and your older sister got in this massive fight. And you said some really mean things to her in this fight. And as punishment she made me sit down at a desk and write sentences. And she said she was standing over my shoulder as I was writing these sentences. And I had to write the law of kindness is on my lips. And I had to repeat that 50 times. And she said every time I wrote the word kind and lips, it flew off the page and hit her in the face as she was standing over my shoulder. And she’s telling me this and I literally got chills and I was just, you’re right. And she’s like, and I knew where she was going, she’s like, if you’re going to start this lip balm company, you’re supposed to call it Kind Lips. And I was just like, it’s a reminder to speak kind words every time that you apply it. And she’s like, I think that’s it. You know? And I was just so excited. I’m like, you’re the best mom in the world. Thank you so much. You totally redeemed yourself from the night before. And so, I got off the phone and, and I just really felt, you know, in my spirit that this is what I was supposed to do. And I didn’t know to what extent or that it would even go as far as it has now, but I was just like, all right, I’m going to start this lip balm company. This is going to be a crazy journey. Let’s do it. So that, that was kind of how the name came about. And it’s really fun to have my mom be such a strong part of that.

Sarah Taylor: There’s so much, I love about that. Okay. So, let’s keep going. So, it’s one thing to have the idea and to have the name, but now you’ve got to learn how to make some lip balm.

Josh Neumann: Yeah. So that was, you know, when I was a little kid, I was a really picky eater and I probably still am picky. And yeah, again, my mom she’d be like, well, if you don’t like what I’m making, make your own. And so of course I would. And so, I’d be in the kitchen next to her at a young age, making my own dinner when she’d be making dinner for everyone else. And she was gracious enough to help me learn how to mix ingredients and do all that. So, so I’ve always had a basis understanding of cooking, and making lip balm is just figuring out a recipe and doing it. So, I knew I had that idea of what to do. I just, I bought every lip balm I could find. I had hundreds of lip balms and I took a yellow note pad, and I wrote down every ingredient on each one of the tubes, and if the ingredient couldn’t be natural or organic, then I would cross it off. And I just kept whittling the list down and whittling it down. And then I would end up with olive oil and sunflower oil and you know, a bunch of different oils that were liquid at room temperature, and be like, well, I don’t need all three of those so let’s just find what’s a healthiest best one. And I wanted to have the highest quality formula, but also the least amount of ingredients needed, and I would rather use all olive oil than like just a little bit of olive oil and a lot of the cheaper oil type deal. So that was the whole goal because I, I do have a high standard for myself and I knew that if this was a reminder to speak kind words, that the product also had to be extremely kind for the consumers’ lips.

Sarah Taylor: So smart. So, you find your, how long did it take for you to find your formula to have a product?

Josh Neumann: You know, I’ve played around with the formula for probably two months, and it was really fun. I would usually do it on my Friday and Saturday nights. I’d pour a glass of red wine and I would mix lip balm on the stove at home and figure it out. And just every time I would write down the recipe that I was making, and I would just make little adjustments until it kind of got to a consistency that I thought I would like, and then I would hand it out to friends and family and get to.

Sarah Taylor: When was the moment that you knew that you wanted to give 20% of profits to anti-bullying corporations?

Josh Neumann: I knew from before kind lips before I even knew what kind lips was, I knew I, I would… so, you know, when I was a little kid, Had chores and I got a dollar a week for allowance.

And so every week I’d have to bring 10 cents to the offering. And so that was instilled in me at a young age, by my parents. And, you know, as I got into college and, and early on in my working career, I didn’t always give 10%. And kind of like in my mid-twenties, I kind of really, really had to come back to Jesus moment and got really back into my faith and it was a really pivotable, pivotal time in my life. And I decided to just give 10%, you know, of whatever I made. And I was super good about that. And I became more successful in my career. I could never get myself to give 20 and I was like, I can afford to give 20 and I couldn’t consistently do it. So, as I was starting this other company, I’m like, whatever I make, I’m going to give 20% off the top, otherwise I’ll never get to that point. And so that’s where the 20% came around. And as I was praying and thinking about what, you know, what is going to work, what is kind of the opposite of being kind, and it was being mean and bullying, and there’s such a pandemic of bullying and the internet has made it more aware to everybody, but also has made it easier to bully people. So, and in, in, as I’ve been in this world, it’s, it’s amazing to me. I didn’t even have the awareness of how bad bullying is and the mission that is ahead of us. And it happens at school, and it happens in the home. It happens in the office. You know, if you’re five years old or you’re 50 years old, people are still bullies. And there really is. A lot of awareness is still needs to be brought to that.

Sarah Taylor: In addition to anti-bullying, it’s also mental health organizations and suicide prevention.

Josh Neumann: Yeah. So not a lot of people know that and we don’t really, we don’t really market that much. And as I’ve really… my heart has been touched by some local organizations where I would, they were doing a lot of work with suicide prevention and mental health, and, and it was really, it was like we started getting involved in donating to those as well. And they all really tied back into being bullied. And, you know, even to the point of people that are dealing with mental health can bully themselves. And there’s a lot of, you know, and that’s one of the things that I’ve struggled with myself as a lot of self-love. And I think that’s one of the things that actually I’ve really feel like the company is going in this direction because, because I’m leading it, but it is it’s being kind of to yourself. Being kind to ourselves. And it’s, so it’s easier for me to be kind to the people around me than it is for me to be kind to myself.

And so when, as I thought through that, I was really wanting to see… you know, there’s only so much that we can market to, I don’t want to go around, it’s saying all that, but I really like to lead with our heart and our actions. And that’s what, that’s what we’re about. And that’s where our heart is.

Sarah Taylor: It makes me think of that verse that says out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

And so when you talk about being kind to yourself, it really comes from a place of having just a full heart, knowing how much we’re loved. And so, you know, I picture someone putting that lip balm on and, and you said that some of them have a proverb on it. What is the one, what’s the verse on it?

Josh Neumann: Yeah, so we have you know, on our tubes we have, like, it says organic and a hundred percent natural gluten-free and then Prov. 16:24. So Proverbs 16:24, and its kind words are like, honey, they’re sweet for the soul and healthy to the body. So, it really shows what the intention of the product is, and when you give somebody a compliment, they sit up straighter, and their cheeks flush and they just feel better about themselves. So physically and internally, you know, it’s really healthy for people.

Sarah Taylor: It’s speaking life. Like you were saying with those experiments earlier, our words speak life to other people. And I love how you describe how their body posture changes. And I love thinking about like, can you come up with maybe the best compliment you ever received? Or when someone spoke life spoke truth to you and something inside of you resonated with that and came alive?

Josh Neumann: Man, that is a really hard for me. I can think of examples of kind lips that have happened that I’ve known have resonated life. And one of my favorite one is I get a call three years ago on the kind lips line. And we didn’t get very many calls at that time. And a woman in Michigan, and she starts telling me this story about how she’d found a friend that had kind lips on Facebook. And so she had bought something and she goes into the story about how she was married for 33 and her husband was a truck driver.

And, and she’s telling me this story and she’s starting to tear up and cry on the phone, and which I’m not I was fairly used to that because of my real estate days and dealing with a lot of big financial decisions, and people would get emotional. But so she’s telling me this story and she says that her marriage really wasn’t good for 30 of the 33 years. And she said her husband’s growth and grumpy and verbally abusive. And, and so she gave him a tube of kind lips and then also a little card that says the intention of the product and put it in his. And she said for the next three weeks, nothing changed. And she said the fourth week, he actually stopped texting her. So they didn’t have any like negative interactions. And then the following week, he actually sent her a compliment and she said it was the first compliment that she’s received in over 30 years that she can remember. And she said, it’s been a few months since you know, this has all happened. And she’s like, our marriage now is better than it’s been in the last 30 years.

And she’s like, I honestly think it’s because your lip balm. And it was really, I mean, that was like the biggest compliment that you could give me. And I know that I’m not, I’m part of the story at the same time. Like I’m not, it was just so cool to think that like that of lip balm was in, you know, this 55 year old male’s truck, and it didn’t judge him. It just, that sat there and like gave him the opportunity to be kind. And if he didn’t take that opportunity, it was still there. And it’s still that it’s job. That constant, like, love that was radiating out from, from the tube of lip balm. And, you know, we, I do have like a team that, that I’ve hired actually, that they will pray over the products deal.

So even the idea of bless lips exists, and so from the back end, so I really do feel like when people get that, that lip on that, you know, God is going to be able to work through that. And I know it sounds crazy. It’s crazy to even say it out loud, but I just really feel like this product has a, such a high calling on it. So have an impact on culture.

Sarah Taylor: I completely agree. I feel that. And I just met you. I could sense that it may be. It’s just the fact that it is prayed over. I sensed something in my spirit when I saw the mission of your organization. It’s probably just because, you know, I’ve built my career on speaking life with my words. I’m like 20 years into this now, so I know how powerful that is to speak life-giving words. And let’s talk about the growth of your company a little bit. I know you’re in a lot of boutique shops and you can buy it on Amazon, but you just announced that you are going to be in…

Josh Neumann: Well, there’s a few different places that we’re launching. We, we are launching in whole foods,

We’re actually launching in whole foods in the midwest, so hopefully, you know, the Pacific Northwest and, and the east will follow close behind. But I know in the Seattle area, Portland, and Haggen’s, and quite a few of the, you know, the natural specialty stores out there.

So, it’s been really fun and in all honesty and, and you’re part of the country, we’ve seen the most districts. So it’s really, you know, when, when you reached out, I was really excited to not only get to meet you and, but also just to, to be able, it just seems like God’s doing something special out there and you know, so kindness is growing and it’s, it’s awesome this year to see it happening.

Sarah Taylor: It’s very much needed out here as well. I want to take you back a little bit to when you were in the process of creating the product and wanting the branding and the font and everything to be perfect. And you have a friend that said something really cool that helped you just take the next step rather than search for perfection.

Josh Neumann: Yeah. You know, in my life, I I’m always trying to be, and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this, perfect at what I do. And I get caught up in not making any progress because I want it to be so perfect. And I had a ruler out, a magnifying glass, like looking at this label, like, just like, it’s not ready yet. I can’t release this. And, and I had this friend and she just said one of the most beautiful things that anybody’s ever said to me, because it was such a perfect timing.

And she’s like, and she asked me a question. She goes, how many iPhones are there? And at the time there was six or seven iPhones, you know? And I said, whatever, and she’s like, If apple can put an iPhone out and they can continue to make it better every year, why can’t you just start with what you have and then continue to improve it. And it was like a mic drop moment. And I was like, you’re right. And literally the next day I approved the label, sent it out and I was like, all right, we’re just going to get this out there and see what happens. And so, yeah, it was really, really a special moment.

Sarah Taylor: That’s really helpful for anyone that is listening and they feel what you felt on that couch, right? Like a new calling and, and then maybe they have some thoughts about what that could be. But it’s so common to when you don’t have the whole picture, right? Like when you’re taking steps and you only have a lantern lighting your way, rather than seeing the whole road, it’s so common to get caught up. Like you said, with it’s not ready yet. It’s not perfect. And maybe would you mind sharing any failure that you encountered on this journey? What you learned from it and how you, you know, had the tenacity to keep pushing forward.

Josh Neumann: Yeah. I’ve got way more failures to talk about than successes. So that’s easy, you know, I think honestly, every day I’m, it’s a failure, but it’s the same time that I’m failing. I’m also like learning. And so really, I think that’s the mindset that, that had to create, or you know, that God’s given me and it’s, and it’s more natural for me now. And it’s just like, you know, with packaging, we’ve, I’ve messed up, I don’t understand like how the printers work and, and I don’t understand everything comes back the wrong color and being a small business, we don’t have a lot of extra money to do that stuff or to have errors in the packaging. I would say the labels we’ve messed up. Hiring, learning how to hire people. There’s just mess ups every day, but also like, you know, I really feel like I’m on a mission and I’m doing what God called me to do.

And because of that, like I’m driving down the road and he’s got these bumpers on the side and I’m, it’s, there’s just so much grace in like peace, knowing that like, all right, I’m doing my best every day. And I know that I’m going to make mistakes, but he’s going to be able to. Keep me inside that lane. And so, I haven’t made any mistakes so far that have been big enough that I can’t recover from. So, so yeah, but a lot of little ones and I’m sure I’ll make more today.

Sarah Taylor: That’s great. I just, I like that. We keep it real, right? Like it can seem just like you got an idea. You spend a couple of Friday nights. You made some lip balm and now you’re in whole foods. And so I appreciate a peek behind the curtain. Although I will say hiring decisions, whoever does your Instagram is fantastic.

Josh Neumann: Well, I will definitely let her know.

Sarah Taylor: What’s coming up next for kind lips?

Josh Neumann: One of the things that I’m most excited for is we recently launched a school program. So, when I first started kind lips, somebody had ordered 33 tubes on our website, and that was by far the biggest order that I had. And I’m shipping this stuff out of my, like second bedroom at, at my condo. So sent it out. And then about three months later, I get an email from this person and I remembered the name because she was still at that time, my largest client and our largest order. And so she, we ended up having a phone call and she was a third grade teacher and she said, I bought these tubes and I have a, you know, this classroom, it was one of the least well-behaved classes I’ve ever had.

And she said, I gave each tube, to each student and we did a curriculum on kindness and that each dude was a reminder to be kind. And she said, you know, what ended up happening is the kids would remind the other kids to put their kind lips on. If somebody wasn’t acting like they should, they wouldn’t say Johnny you’re being bad. They’re like Johnny, put your kind lips on. And she said, I don’t even have to correct behavior anymore because everyone’s doing it themselves. And so she’s like, I just want to let you know that. And I was just like, there was such a beautiful thing to hear and just to kind of meditate on. And so I was like, well, if it works for her classroom, why can’t it work for more? And so, yeah, so now we’ve developed I have some teachers involved, developed a curriculum, have a video that goes along with it, some posters, and kids will get a tube of lip balm. They’ll get a card where they have to write a kind sentence about themselves so that they get in the habit of, you know, actually acknowledging what is good about them.

And then they also write a kind note about somebody else in the class. And then also I designed a letter that the schools can modify with their information on it, but they send it home to the parents, and the letters designed to create an interaction between the parent and the student, or just be a reminder, because I think after a long day, it doesn’t really get brought up.

And so, you know, questions where parents can ask their kids about, you know, have they been bullied? Have they experienced it? Also talk to them about the power of their speech. And so really, you know, I think in my opinion, Schools do have a, have a big part of shaping the student, but also the home, you know, the family is where I think the real change is going to come from.

And so it’s really fun to kind of see that get into the school system and, and the impact that that can have. And, you know, obviously doesn’t mean that kind lips can’t have an impact on the 55 year old truck driving, but if it can get in the school system and really just associate putting something as simple as putting lip balm on with giving somebody a compliment, I think it really can have an opportunity to change.

Sarah Taylor: If someone is listening to this right now. And they were like, yes, I want to bring this to my elementary, my junior high, high school. How do they go about finding that?

Josh Neumann: On our website, if you’ve got to, we do have a school page on there.

Sarah Taylor: I just think this is fantastic.

Josh Neumann: And we had a, you know, we started, it was like the whole school, so you’d have to buy it for the whole school and that didn’t work out. So we recently. Change it up, so for $99, you can sponsor a classroom so you can pick your child’s classroom. Or if you’re, you know, if you don’t have anybody that you know, that you can just pick a classroom and we’ll, you know, we’ll go ahead and we’ll send it out. We’ll find the teacher that can use it and we’ll send you a photo or we’ll send you, you know, where it went type deal. So, you know, for $99 you can really impact.

Sarah Taylor: Well, and I’ve told you this in email before, but thank you for making your product gluten-free so that my youngest daughter’s classroom she’s five that she can actually use it cause she has celiac disease. And that was how I discovered you is because I was realizing that gluten is everywhere. It’s in Play-Doh, it’s in soy sauce and it’s in chapstick. And so I was searching and when I saw that your product was gluten free, I was like, yes, maybe I might be your next largest order. So I’m super thankful though, that, that you went for the quality ingredients, but also that you made it gluten free because a lot of, you know, the lip balm that we put on are put on our lips gets ingested in our bodies.

So thank you. My final question for you is just what are your hopes and dreams for, you know, what do you pray over these lip balms before they get sent out?

Josh Neumann: It seems like my journey so far with kind lips has really reflection of my personal journey and my story and journey with God. And, and really, I think I didn’t starting this out, I didn’t know what I wanted it to be. And, and kind lips has really taught me to be more kind to other people and in kind to myself. And, and I really believe now that kind of lips has the opportunity to be the largest lip balm company in the world. I don’t think that that’s my ego that wants it. I want it to be the largest, because I think that it will truly have an impact on culture and society. And the more people that get into their hands, I just think the more people that can be kind, and it can just spread like wildfire. And I just know the more that, you know, I cured and I’m, I’m introverted on Myers-Briggs. And so it is hard for me to go out of my way to say anything to anyone, let alone a compliment because that’s vulnerable. And, and so it’s really challenged me to be more outgoing and be way less vulnerable and really to like give people compliments. And, and I don’t know how many coffee appointments I’ve had in wonderful people I’ve met because of just giving them a simple compliment, and conversation started out of it. And so it’s really changed my life in that way on a personal note.

Sarah Taylor: You just said brought back a memory that I want to tell you, as we close our time together. I’d forgotten it up until that moment where you talked about how it takes vulnerability to say something even a compliment, which seems so odd, right? And yet I had that exact moment probably a decade ago. I was outside of a grocery store with my radio station, you know, how you set up a booth and you hand stuff out, and I wasn’t really in the habit of praying before I did those. Cause you know, we did them every week and it was just sorta like set up the booth, do your thing. You could almost be on autopilot, but for some reason that day I prayed, I think it was almost cause I didn’t want to be there. It was cold and raining and. And so I prayed and I was like, Lord, I’m here for two hours. Use me. And that was it. And about an hour in, I see this woman from a far way off. Older gal taking a lot longer to get from her car to the front. And she caught my eye because she reminded me of my grandma who’s in heaven now.

But my grandma always dressed with glitter and flare just sequence, you know, so you could see her coming and that’s what this gal reminded me of, but she was walking slow and as she walked, I felt impression on the inside of me. And it was clear as day. The impression said, tell her she looks beautiful. And kind of in the same way, when you first thought about like you were twirling lip balm, and then you were like, that’s crazy. I had the same thing. It was tell her she looks beautiful. I know I hesitated, which is so weird. That’s not hard to do. And I hesitated and she got closer and closer and I got butterflies in my stomach. I’m like, why is this turning into such a big deal? So as she approached, I said, excuse me, ma’am and she turned, and I say, I have to tell you, you look beautiful today. And she came closer and she put her hand on my hand and she said, two months ago, I had a stroke. Today is the first day I left the house. I thought maybe I could just go to the store. And in that moment I realized the Lord wanted to let her know that she was seen, and he was looking for someone willing to be his mouthpiece. And that’s… had I not said that I would have gotten in the way of what Jesus wanted to say to this wonderful woman. And ever since that day, I’ve been like, okay, no matter how uncomfortable it is, if I feel that prompting to speak something, life-giving, I’m going to do it. And so it just, I feel like that is exactly what you’re saying in a story fashion.

Josh Neumann: That’s such a beautiful story. Thank you for recalling that. Yeah, it just such a great reminder that it is. I don’t know, it shouldn’t be hard to give a compliment and, but it is sometimes. And, you know, I always kind of run it through a filter in my head real quick.

And it’s like, is this going to help somebody else? And are my intentions pure? And they are. And it’s like, why not say it? Even if it is awkward, like listen to that voice and you never know what that prompting is to what it’s going to impact.

Sarah Taylor: And it can also sometimes be awkward to receive a compliment we’ll often dismiss it. And so maybe this can also be part of that, you know, receiving for yourself when someone says when rather than, you know, shoo it away.

Josh Neumann: And that’s why I think for me personally, is the giving myself being kind to myself and the more kind I can be to myself, I think the better that I will receive. And to make it even more complicated, I know how much enjoyment I get from giving a compliment. And so, and when somebody really receives it well, and if I can’t learn how to receive the compliment really well, I’m actually taking away joy from somebody else now.

Sarah Taylor: Well, Josh, thank you so much for your time. We’re going to link to in the show notes so that you can see… what’s your favorite flavor?

Josh Neumann: Georgia peach.

Sarah Taylor: Ooh, I haven’t tried that one Georgia Peach. Okay. So, we’ll link it up in the show notes. Thank you so much. I just look, I’m so grateful that I get the opportunity to help one more person find this wonderful product.

Josh Neumann: Thank you so much. Wonderful.

Sarah Taylor: Our thanks to Josh Neumann. And don’t forget you do have the promo code: SPIRIT1053. Enter that at checkout when you go to to grab some of his product for yourself, your friends and family. And I find it’s just such a great conversation starter as you gift it to someone. SPIRIT1053 is the promo code at checkout. I’ll see you in two weeks.

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