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with Nathan Sutherland

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About This Podcast

Podcast Description

A resource for parents who are feeling outpaced and overwhelmed as they raise children in a tech world. Our goal: Equip parents with the tools, resources, and confidence they need to raise kids who love God and use tech. Join us every Tuesday for a new episode!

About The Hosts

Hi, we’re Nathan and Anna Sutherland. We’ve been married nearly 16 years. As millennials, we remember getting off the couch to change the channel AND we get frustrated with poor wifi. We’re committed to reminding families how Jesus changes everything: even our tech use.

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Show Notes

How Do We Abide in A Tech World? May 30, 2023 - Today we're going to discuss four ways to make conscious, moment by moment decisions to follow Jesus with our everyday choices. READ MORE →
Making Summer Fun May 22, 2023 - Let's make this summer amazing. We can do it on a budget, with our families, in town. You don't have to spend a lot of… READ MORE →
Prep Tech For Summer May 16, 2023 - Summer is approaching fast, and we need to assess our tech to ensure we're ready for the fun, freedom, and digital changes that come with… READ MORE →
5 Parent Questions May 9, 2023 - I've received a lot of amazing parent questions this past wee. In today's episode we address five parent questions: How can we share the Gospel… READ MORE →
Three Types of Helpful Tech May 2, 2023 - Today we're going to discuss three types of helpful tech: Hedge Tech, Growth Tech, and Purposeful Tech. READ MORE →
Does Tech Help Us Love God Well? April 25, 2023 - This episode almost didn't happen. I rewrote it three times. I had to fully record it twice. I pray it'll be useful. I want to… READ MORE →
Nerd Dads Raising Kids (An Interview With Justin Pavey) April 18, 2023 - Justin Pavey returns to the show for a third time to talk all things parenting, digital, and raising kids in a nerdy house with Jesus… READ MORE →
What Tech Will Be Here When Jesus Returns? April 11, 2023 - He is risen! In light of Easter, let’s think about our eschatology of our technology. When Jesus returns, what tech will still be here? Today… READ MORE →
What If The Hedge Isn’t Enough? April 4, 2023 - Today we're going to talk about how we can lovingly step into our child's life and understand, engage, and respond to breaches of trust while… READ MORE →
Making School Devices Safe March 28, 2023 - Today we'll walk through how to build a hedge around your network, devices, and family, and what it looks like to apply these steps to… READ MORE →