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Gospel Tech

with Nathan Sutherland

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About This Podcast

Podcast Description

A resource for parents who are feeling outpaced and overwhelmed as they raise children in a tech world. Our goal: Equip parents with the tools, resources, and confidence they need to raise kids who love God and use tech. Join us every Tuesday for a new episode!

About The Hosts

Hi, we’re Nathan and Anna Sutherland. We’ve been married nearly 16 years. As millennials, we remember getting off the couch to change the channel AND we get frustrated with poor wifi. We’re committed to reminding families how Jesus changes everything: even our tech use.

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Show Notes

Making School Devices Safe March 28, 2023 - Today we'll walk through how to build a hedge around your network, devices, and family, and what it looks like to apply these steps to… READ MORE →
Should My Child Use TikTok? March 21, 2023 - Do our children need social media? It might be the wrong question. There's lots of stuff we don't need but we still enjoy, and as… READ MORE →
Can I Glorify God in Tech? March 14, 2023 - Today I want to address what it means to be someone who is gifted with the time, talent and opportunity to work in the tech… READ MORE →
Should My Child Play Roblox? March 7, 2023 - I get asked about Roblox more than any other game right now. It makes sense. The game has 200 million monthly players and something like… READ MORE →
Habit-Building Tech: Gamification with Yu-kai Chou (CEO of The Octalysis Group) February 28, 2023 - Habits are a powerful thing. They power our little decisions effortlessly, and those little choices have major consequences. But what habits is our tech helping… READ MORE →
Christian Video Games (with Brent Dusing, CEO of TruPlay Games) February 21, 2023 - Video games are amazing, or at least they should be. While many video games are fun, few actually line up with the truths of the… READ MORE →
START HERE: Smartphones February 14, 2023 - Today's conversation, we'll talk through five reasons smartphones are a net-loss for children under 16, and we'll also talk through what it looks like to… READ MORE →
START HERE: Pornography February 7, 2023 - The porn conversation, while never easy, doesn't have to be complicated. Today we'll discuss God's clear standard, how it is delivered with incredible grace and… READ MORE →
What The Tech Series #4: Let’s Talk about The Best and Worst of Video Games February 4, 2023 - In today’s episode we talk about the three best things about video games, as well as three cautions to be aware of when it comes… READ MORE →
What The Tech Series #3: Let’s Talk Games as Service February 4, 2023 - In today’s episode we talk about games as service. You used to buy a game and get a game. Now it is common that you… READ MORE →