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PRAISE 106.5 Moments

We Are Polyphasic = Basically, You Should Nap
We Are Polyphasic = Basically, You Should Nap
Brant Wants To Be An Extra In The Vikings Show
Deep Thoughts From Brant & Sherri on Plant-Based Chicken Fries
Everyone Is Looking For A Blessing
11 Percent of People Do This…
Every Command in the Bible is For Our Own Good
Brant Hansen on the Guy Surprised By Who His Kidney Donor Was
Life Hack: You Don't Have to Have an Opinion on Everything
Brant Hansen on the Woman Who Received Flowers From Late Husband
Largest Single Purchase Ever Made at Walmart Was by Shaquille O'Neal
Sam Kelly: Obedience When Stressed
An Interview With Sherri Lynn About Afternoons, Her Laugh And Her New Podcast!
Brant Hansen Song: Let's Look At Our Phones Together
God Sees Something Beautiful in You
When is a Baby Not a Baby Anymore?
You Are Wanted By God
Warming Hearts Winner: Michael and Tracelyn!
The Display of Faith in Football
Teaching Robots How & When To Make Eye Contact
Brant Hansen on Wearable Bean Bag Chairs
God Knows Us And Still Wants Us
Goat Simulator App and So Much More With Brant & Sherri
Lots of In-Shape Dudes At The Gym
What is the Most Desired Job? Brant Answers.
The Earth's Core May Have Stopped Spinning

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Welcome to PRAISE 106.5. We are a radio station located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest serving Northwest Washington state and and Southern BC, Canada. Experience some of our top moments right here to add extra joy to your day. Find us on 106.5 FM. Stream us online, download our mobile app, TuneIn or iHeartRadio app or say “Alexa, play PRAISE RADIO.” Visit us online at

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