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Purposely Presents

The Bible For Busy People

with Erica Parkerson

Acts, The Appetizer

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About This Podcast

Podcast Description

Do you find the chaos and noise of the world getting you down? It’s time to turn down the noise of the world so we can turn up the voice of God. Join Erica Parkerson for a weekday Bible podcast. Each day she will read half a chapter in the Bible and give you one verse to carry with you. She’ll do it all in 7 minutes or less. We know you can find 7 minutes a day to stop and soak in God’s truth. Whether it is on your commute, while you are doing the dishes or while waiting in the pickup line to get your kids, we’ve got you covered with a Bible podcast for your busy life.

About Erica Parkerson

Erica’s motto in life is “You are Loved!” She’s married to Will, a redhead who has always believed in her, and together they have two wonderful kids who are old enough to vote.

Erica is always looking for the positive spin on things, whales in the Sound, and a good scone. Erica grew up in New York, raised by a loving Italian family on meatballs and macaroni and good stories. She’s since lived in the Carolinas and Virginia, but the Pacific Northwest has truly become her home. It’s the most beautiful place she’s ever seen!

Erica first became aware of God when she was a child at St. Patrick’s, a little, white church with the most beautiful stained-glass windows. At the age of 16 Erica suddenly understood that God was more than a statue… He was real and it changed everything. Jesus is the best friend she’s ever had and every day she loves Him a little bit more.

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