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The Next Series on Purposely Equipped is In His Steps: A Holy Week Journey

Easter is coming and we want to come alongside you with a meaningful resource. Join us as we walk In HIs Steps. Whose steps? The steps of Jesus! As he travels from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, PNW pastors will join Mark Holland for a discussion over year day of Holy Week and why this week is so important to the Christian faith. Invite your friends. The first podcast will launch on March 23rd! For even more, text EASTER to 89419. If you’re in Canada, text EASTER to 866-729-1065.


In his steps and our next series on Purposely Equipped will be called In His Steps, launching on Palm Sunday, April 2nd. I’m your host, Mark Holland, and I’m excited for Area Pastors to join me as we take a journey from Palm Sunday to the cross, following in the footsteps of Jesus. Why is Holy Week so important and why does what Jesus did change everything? I’ll be talking with Northwest Area Pastors as we go deep each day into why Holy Week is so important to the Christian faith. This is a great podcast to introduce a friend to Christianity and share with a friend. Follow wherever you love getting your podcasts or visit on

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